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Use Celeb to calculate your most compatible celebrity love or select a celebrity yourself and Celeb will show the compatibility.Get the Celeb Match app now If you want to match yourself with somebody who isn't a celebrity (e.g.He prays thrice daily and attends synagogue every Shabbat.And he and his wife go out regularly, to the theater, to weddings, and to restaurants, although Rahamim himself no longer eats except through a feeding tube to his stomach.Until a year ago, when he could still speak clearly, he gave lectures on educational methodology to students in his living room.

After finding the desired celebrity and entering your birthday Celeb will calculate the compatibility. Soon the weakness spread down his arm to his fingers.When he made Kiddush on Shabbat night, the Kiddush cup shook and the wine spilled.He and his wife Elisheva made the rounds of neurologists, until one doctor gave them the dread diagnosis: ALS, also known as "Lou Gehrig's Disease." The doctor spelled out for them the entire course of the disease: first his limbs would become paralyzed, to be followed by the muscles of his neck, esophagus, and tongue."The day will come," he told Rahamim, "when a fly will land on your nose and you won't be able to brush it off.

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