Negative mind thoughts dating

The energy you put out into the world radiates back to you, so when you are focused on the negative, that is what you will see and get in your relationships.

Although you might have unconsciously or consciously formed negative beliefs to protect yourself from getting hurt or disappointed, it is time to create valuable change if you hope to maintain a healthy, loving relationship.

What’s most important is how you and your partner handle difficult times and grow together. Communicate about your needs and try not to generalize a moment when you feel hurt to the scope of your entire relationship. Intentionally view your partner in a positive light. There will be bad dates, struggles, tough conversations and moments that may feel painful at the time.

Be grateful for the little things and acts of caring and kindness that your partner exhibits. This will perpetuate a cycle of positivity and compassion in your relationship. Don’t add these experiences to your negative pile — instead find the life lessons and visualize yourself moving forward toward your goals.

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