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Defendant initially suggested a hotel “with one bed not two.” At one point in the conversation, baywatch142000 commented, “me bein 14 ․ probably wouldnt be good idea to take me back to base․ What u think? So your house would be the best right if your parents go right.” Later in their chat, defendant asked baywatch142000 if she had pubic hair.

Baywatch142000 indicated that she did, then told defendant that she was inexperienced and looking for an older “friend.” Defendant responded that she could practice by doing sexual favors for him and asked her to promise that she would give him her virginity.

From defendant's statements, Detective Eaton drafted two non-verbatim written confessions, which defendant then reviewed and signed.

The written confessions provided in part: It was during this first chat that she told me she was 14 years old, and lived in Greensboro.

When she replied yes, defendant asked about her bra size and what she was doing for the weekend.

After defendant left the Fayetteville area on Friday, he kept in touch with baywatch142000 by chatting with her on his cell phone, which had Internet capabilities.

However, the day after he was taken into custody, defendant called his mother through the Pay-Tel system at the jail.

During defendant's conversation with his mother, which was recorded and transcribed for the record, defendant admitted believing that the person with whom he had been chatting online was fourteen years old.

The acts may have been touching each others genitals and/or even full on sexual intercourse.

But again, I admit I was the one chatting with the 14 year old girl․Subsequent to defendant's arrest, deputies obtained a search warrant to search defendant's residence.

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