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Now, let’s talk about what is some shit (preconceived ideas and old lousy fantasies).

– The fantasy of the man who has to court the woman : one basically always assumes that it is the man who has to “hunt” (chase) the woman… Even if it corresponds more or less to the laws of the evolutionary psychology (a woman looks for a man who has enough resources to take care of her children)…

If there is a lot of sexual tension between both of you, and during too many dates in a row (too many = more than 3), it can make things awkward (and she will think that you have a small cock).

It would even be possible that she stops seeing frequently because of frustration, and thus wanting to play it gentleman will make you lose everything.

Attraction and intimacy are things difficult to obtain when you agree to communicate that you are the one who hunts the other one.

To get more success, you have to change at first your state of mind on this point.

– Making so you feel comfortable like if you knew each other more than superficially.

Like if you were already in a more intimate relationship.

It is according to this position of inferiority (hunter) that most of the guys agree to play the game.It is regrettable but it truly shows that the politically correct has limits. And you will sleep with her more often at the first date. But you will notice with time and experience that : success breeds success. Here are things you should do during your date: – Stimulate her with as much different positive feelings as possible.Use your words, the tone of your voice, your body language and your environment (music, etc.) The time spent with you will so have a real impact on her and will remain burnt in her head (as well as in her small panties).It underlines as well the fact that you are sexually confident…and an active person in your search (of sex or love: in other words, of women).

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By making her comfortable with the sexual subjects, you set up the frame according to which ““.

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