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I appreciate more my life in the Bay Area with regards to male female relationships.

I never realized how much back then I was treated as a person, than as an object. He reminded me of Rafael Ferro who plays Victor Grande in the novela Un Año Para Recordar.

" she says, "You have taught me a lot." She is still blown away by the Victor Grande look alike.

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After they hear "MY STORY" they only want to tell me how beautiful I am, because they figure the more times I hear it the faster they can push me into bed.

I know they would say this to any woman regardless of how she looks. My American men friends or the other foreign men I know say that if they don't tell the Argentine woman at least 20 times during the date how great she looks she won't sleep with them.

If you think men in the states didn't cope with the changes of women in the workforce, women becoming independent, women earning their own money.

They go on and on about how beautiful I am, my eyes, my lips.

La jornada del sábado podrá verse en vivo a través del canal de You Tube de la CAH a partir de las 11.30 horas, en tanto que el domingo serán transmitidos los encuentros decisivos a jugarse en el Estadio Natación y...

As an outsider I watched things change from the year 2000 until now. It is very interesting as an outsider to this culture to watch it all and still try to date and be a part of it.

Most of the transformation was starting from 2006 until now. While I have adapted, there are still parts of me, that cannot adapt and probably never will. Today in the restaurant there was a table of 3 men having a meeting behind us.

He looks at his hand as though he has never seen it before.

"No," he says, "I am not married." "You are wearing a gold ring." I say to him as I point to his hand.

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