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I remember lying in bed and reading the memoirs of the French writer Blaise Cendrars; I couldn’t stop marveling at the boundlessness of that man’s existence, one that made him a film director, a beekeeper, a watchmaker and connected him to gangsters and whores.How narrow was my own existence, I thought then, and how it continued to narrow by the day.But I was also a writer who worked from home, one whose closest friends were married with children.Meeting someone “IRL” — as, it turns out, they say — seemed unlikely at best. I haven’t met anyone I’ve liked enough, or who liked me enough, to cancel my accounts.I have learned about spearfishing and Oceanic art, about life in the merchant marines and urbanism in late antiquity.I have learned how to sext, how to plant tomatoes, how to drink mate, beat box, and navigate the bars of Bushwick.Perhaps I take these vanishings especially to heart, recalling to me as they do the unsolved mystery of my ex-husband’s disappearance.But I would think that who finds herself confronted by such baffling cowardice must suffer from them.

As it grew light, he asked me how I took my coffee and I said that I drank tea; he returned some time later with a Styrofoam cup from Dunkin’ Donuts and a dozen red roses he had bought at the gas station. Multiply that evening’s curiosities by 86, and you’ll begin to grasp the potential of these soul-crushing apps.Thanks to Hinge and Bumble, I have dated German poets and Indian bankers, Australian contractors and Brazilian waiters.I’ve met United Nations diplomats and my favorite movie star’s ex-husband.In the surreal weeks and months that followed, I grew increasingly apprehensive about the idea of online dating.I hadn’t been single in nearly a decade; I didn’t even have Facebook, let alone a stockpile of profile pictures or an irrepressible texting game.

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  1. Many report that the first date is promising, even enjoyable. Despite your best efforts to be the perfect gentleman, you may well receive a brush-off that doesn’t ring true.