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Finding a person who is willing to devote time to another person is extremely hard to find.” “Same people.Men are just out to date as many women as possible.“It’s a self-fulfilling prophesy,” Coleman explained. “You end up living your life trying to prove to yourself that you aren’t successful.” Katie Anderson ’13 gained newfound perspective from the lecture. “He changed the way I look at dating.” Another reason people find themselves single is that they do not take initiative when they find someone who has potential.According to Coleman, everyone has ‘hmm’s’ — “people who stop you dead in your tracks and might not even notice you checking them out, but inside your head, you’re looking at them and going ‘hmm.’” Most people in the audience admitted to never speaking to their hmms and letting them slip away.” “Dating for 40 is extremely difficult” “Wasteland if you’re over 45” “It’s great for my 27-year-old daughter, but awful for me, her 54-year-old mom.” “Men in Charlotte are too buttoned up, too shy, etc.

In dating apps it is a very small pool of people.” “Everybody just wants to hookup.Where are all the hairy dudes who like smart girls and wear skirts?Where are the guys who really step out and are so different and think globally and want to subvert gender roles and white supremacy and the status quo?Coleman’s philosophy on dating is simple: “You aren’t going to find the right person until you become the right person.” So, to all you lonesome single people out there, if you’re not dating, “it’s your own damn fault.” If you’re unhappy with the person you are, then that’s going to be reflected in your body language and turn people away from you before you get the chance to say yes or no.It’s up to you to take the first steps to getting into the dating scene — simply being single isn’t enough.

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Too many polo shirts.” “I think Charlotte has a lot of opportunities and cool spaces to meet people but it seems like there is a general fear of approaching people.

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