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Overall, the 60 day money back guarantee and the subtle but effective approaches mentioned in the guide makes it seem like you have nothing to lose, only a man to gain!Here’s what one woman messaged me not too long ago: “Why do I have a knack for attracting guys who look great at the beginning and then, over time, turn out to be users or narcissists?But because she never learned in childhood what love looks and feels like, her imagination fills in the gaps of her knowledge, much of it drawn from contemporary culture.While it’s certainly true that those internalized and unconscious mental models of relationship hobble her in very real ways—and will continue to until she sees the effects of her childhood treatment, as I explain in her ideas of what romantic love should look like equally put her at risk for ending up with the wrong men again again.

Hence it is extremely important to have realistic expectations from any such program that is found online.

She’d suggested a place to meet but he texts her that he’s got somewhere way nicer, somewhere “someone like you deserves to go.” It crosses the secure woman’s mind that he doesn’t know enough about her to gauge what she “deserves” and she registers it; in contrast, the insecurely attached woman is flattered and then when she Googles the place, she’s impressed that the restaurant is way nicer and very expensive and that makes her feel special.

Now they meet up and the woman orders a drink and the guy intercedes, saying he’s a regular here and she needs to order their house cocktail; the same thing happens when she orders dinner and he wants to change her order to something off the menu the chef makes specially for him.

The words that come to her mind are “no,” “controlling phony,” and “too bad because he’s cute.” But our insecure girl with those rose-colored blinders sees none of the above.

She’s on the hook from the moment she thinks he’s “taking care of her” by ordering, and loves how he is focusing all of his attention on her.

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