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Most of these organizations take their roles more seriously now, but the older applications are filled with fantasy and should be only be used as as hints or clues.

What is much worse is that Virkus was the editor of many volumes of The Compendium of American Genealogy, a standard reference found online and in many libraries.

We have focused others on the best locations to continue their research. Help researchers of all Woody families work together to find their common heritage.

We do this by posting the abbreviated lineages that our project participants and other Woody descendants send us.

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The computer, the internet and the world wide web have revolutionized genealogy and family history research.

Usually the father also passes his surname to his son, so y DNA is used as the basis for almost all DNA surname projects.

The easily understood results of y DNA testing and this project help Woody genealogists and family historians identify and/or verify their paternal ancestry (father's father) in a quick and easy way.

Along the way, we have also helped several folks extend their known lineages, some significantly.These inventions provide tools that earlier generations of researchers never even dreamed about.The discovery of DNA and the widespread use of DNA testing and analysis have provided the modern family historian with yet another powerful research tool: however, the genealogical significance of the result of any type (y DNA, mt DNA, at DNA, x DNA) of individual DNA test is almost meaningless by itself: This result must be compared with other individual's DNA results to be useful.The test also makes a great gift for a male with an interest in his heritage.To find relatives that theoretically might help in solving nearer term family history situations, both male and female Woodys, as well as, close relatives of Woodys can utilize an autosomal DNA (at DNA) test; however, this test should be preceded by or used in conjunction with y DNA testing.

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This impression is reinforced by an almost constant flow of hyperbolic media advertisements, so much so that the hobby has become a fad.

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