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Neighbors say it’s the PERFECT place for Justin and Hailey to get away from the limelight. The home was recently built and is 6,058 square feet, boasting impeccable views of the city.The 3 levels of luxury are crisp white inside and out with bright pops of color added with artwork and cool sculpture pieces.Because Justin’s mom has a different last name, Braun first came in contact with a great aunt of Justin’s, whom he had never met.

The home was previously owned by famed production designer Charles Infante.

Justin was originally signed to RBMG and Schoolboy Records, a joint venture between Scooter Braun and Usher, but now with the help of those two men and his current label, Universal, Bieber is looking to create his very own music label. He knows that he was given the chance of a lifetime by these two guys and without them, he would probably never have made it in the music industry.

Now he wants to do the same by giving young talent the same opportunity he had.

His mom, Pattie Mallette, also took great pride in recording her young son’s amazing talent and sharing them online.

Braun struggled to get in contact with Justin, but would not give up on the young boy who he knew had great potential.

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