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His interview with Obama was on the Senator's first day.

Uninterested in Favreau's résumé, Obama instead questioned Favreau on what motivated him to work in politics, and what his theory of writing was.

He described this theory to Obama as, "A speech can broaden the circle of people who care about this stuff.

How do you say to the average person that's been hurting: 'I hear you, I'm there?

They would often meet in a small conference room, discussing their work late into the evening over take-out food.

According to Rhodes, Favreau did not drive structured meetings with agendas.

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said of Favreau, "Barack trusts him...

Favreau, then 23 years old, interrupted Obama's rehearsal, advising the soon-to-be-elected Senator that a rewrite was needed to avoid an overlap with Kerry's address.

Obama communications aide Robert Gibbs, who had worked for Kerry's campaign, recommended Favreau to Obama as an excellent writer, and in 2005 he began working for Barack Obama in his United States Senate office, before joining Obama's presidential campaign as chief speechwriter in 2006.

In 2009, he was named to the White House staff as Director of Speechwriting.

In January 2017, he co-founded liberal media company Crooked Media with fellow former Obama staffers Tommy Vietor and Jon Lovett, and began co-hosting the political podcast Pod Save America with Vietor, Lovett and Dan Pfeiffer.

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In college, he accumulated scholastic honors, and took part in and directed community and civic programs.

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