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Instead, they simply had to stay in a different section of the tower with the rest of the season's losers.

In fact, the contestants' suitcases that they took with them were usually empty (save a few necessities), and the elevator ride and taxi transportation were purely for show.

As crazy as the whole situation sounds, there really are people out there who catfish.

That does not mean, however, that everything on the show that happens is legit.

The reality genre took off with the success of shows like have viewers tuning in every week to see what happens in the lives of these people.

Unfortunately, this influx of viewership has led to an increased push by producers to create drama where it may not already be.

Similarly, it has been alleged by former contestants that their firing was all part of the plan from the beginning.

Then, we get to watch as they go through the units and find out how much of a profit they're going to make based on the stuff that's inside it.

In the early days of the small screen, this skepticism was limited to game shows, while just about anything else was known to be fiction.

Everything started to change in the early '70s, when PBS first aired in 1973.

If you ever get tired of typical reality dating shows featuring gorgeous models and 20-year-olds with their own “brands” living in amazing houses, then Rea(L)ove deserves a spot on your Netflix binge list.

Confessor: Taku Fujii Secret: He is a former sex addict Like Kawamura, Fujii was on a one-on-one date when it was time to reveal his dark secret: that he’s a former sex addict who’s slept with over 150 women.

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This show was meant to be a simple documentary on the average upper-class family, but the filming happened to coincide with the messy divorce of the household's parents.

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