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'This applies to his life too.' Balazs's genius in business is twofold: first, he knows that stars love excess - he'll go to any length to provide that - and privacy.Second, to stay ahead of the scene, you have to invent a new one.

Awhile back when Chelsea was on Oprah’s Next Chapter she spoke about her love for André “I’ve met my match. We’ve broken up a couple of times and gotten back together, and we’re trying to figure out how to live a life together.The 44-year-old comedian has had a handful of public relationships in the past, but mostly stays single.She opts to spend most of her time on comedy, writing books and political activism, often taking hard shots at President Trump and Republicans.The two Balazses are everywhere, from estates to townhouses. Friends attest to Andre's magnetism, his looks, his outrageous flirting, his creative genius and phenomenal attention to detail (he describes his hotels as 'film sets' and the staff as 'actors').In three years, they've gone from exotic newcomers to full immersion in English society. And he's no slouch on the intellectual front, with degrees from Cornell and Columbia.

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It also quotes Elodie Trouche, who worked as one of Balazs's personal assistants for two years starting in 2011, who says she did not witness inappropriate behavior at the company's headquarters and called Balazs "professional and polite."The The Right Honorable Cosima Vesey, the daughter of Sita-Maria Arabella de Breffny and Thomas Vesey, the 7th Viscount de Vesci of the Peerage of Ireland, reportedly gave birth to a son with Balazs, Ivo Vesey, on July 9.

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