Invalidating the cache

The amount of time or cycles for WBINVD to complete will vary due to size and other factors of different cache hierarchies.As a consequence, the use of the WBINVD instruction can have an impact on logical processor interrupt/event response time.There is rarely a need to pick only one solution, as you can implement many of them.

This is useful in combination with PURGE, in the way that a purged object can be immediately restored with a new fetched object.ban expression will be removed from the ban list only after a request matches it.Consequently, you have the risk of accumulating a very large number of ban expressions.The WBINVD instruction is implementation dependent, and its function may be implemented differently on future Intel 64 and IA-32 processors.The instruction is not supported on IA-32 processors earlier than the Intel486 processor.

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