Indian parents interracial dating

Indian parents care about respect of their family, religion and culture, as well as about financial stability.

You know this, so your task over the next few months is to provide rational reasons why this relationship makes sense.

If they are afraid of religious or food incompatibility, make the case to them.

If they are afraid of what other people will think, let them know about people who approve of your relationship.

What does your family value and prioritize in the Indian culture? They may be going through a grieving process, so expect them to experience all the steps of grief before they arrive in a rational place to accept your decision.14.

I found it to be written from a VERY Indian mentality, one which advised the western partner to stoop so low as He was advising western partners to essentially “become Indian,” in order to be accepted. Western women, tend to believe that “we should be accepted for who we are,” “not be fake,” “don’t change yourself to fit-in,”…The way to put your life in further jeopardy is to claim your undying love for your long-term American beau, insist you’ve made up your mind and boldly proclaim that you will marry only this man of your dreams!This statement is clearly worded wrong, and I would hope he chooses to edit it.Only he knows if HE has the BALLS to stand up to them, or not. My husband, fought for (and won) the woman they love.If he tells you he can’t upset them; he is breaking up with you… Contrary to the way Vishnu describes Indian parents, only a percentage behave so childishly. Does this sound like a good “healthy” way to start a relationship with the future grandparents of your children? I’ve thought long and hard if I should promote the articles/ blog/ book written by Vishnu.

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“learn our language, learn Indian culture, try to fit in, touch feet, be quiet, and remain as invisible as possible… For some reason, many Indians have a negative and false opinion of western women.

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