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“In the fictional film they had essentially played themselves. When we met Glen’s family we became interested in themes such as the burden of dreams.” Mirabella-Davis first met Hansard when he was teaching at the New York Film Academy.

“He explained that he was going on a long, extended tour of America and he was interested in making a film of it.

By Max Mag87 Translated by Q&R Staff What is cool if you have friends in Dublin is… Flight take off from Pisa a bit behind the time, but it lands in Dublin in time. We cross again O’Connell Bridge to meet another irish writer: Darran, taxi driver, poet and writer (children literature too): another guy who’s O’Connell Bridge? She’s back to her ‘babies’, she assures us we’ll meet Glen after the gig: cool!

Of course, everything is easier with the web, but if you have someone ‘on site’ it’s more easier. Bob and Massimo know that we loved and Seamus Heaney lecture, we are Ryanair guests again. Not even the deadly good blackcurrants stew makes you forget the wooden tea’s aftertaste. Rain, from the west, from the Ocean and Aran Islands, rain coming in a hurry, taking the Liffey , rain falling horizontally, like a huge tetris game played with a mad joystick swerving to the sea, or hating bitterly Sean O’Casey Bridge. Irish people hate irish weather, but I do want enjoy this quarter of a hour of rain: there’s a glimmer of blue sky, beyond the Spire, rain disappear, it hammers away, if you look at the big black clouds, the unlucky peolpe in northern suburbia…

He wanted to know if I could recommend any directors and I mentioned Nick and Chris.” “Nick and Chris” were Nick August-Perna and Chris Dapkins.

Together the three men have delivered a rather lovely study of a duo in a state of dangerous flux.

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