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The watch company and the case company were housed in separate factories located right next door to each other.Advertisements for the company listed it as the Dueber-Hampden Watch Works, although the two companies were not formally merged together until around 1925.Standards had to be met in order for a watch to be used by railroad personnel.It had to be open faced, keep accurate time and have clear Arabic numerals in black on a white face.Dueber suffered from this practice and sued the companies involved, claiming that they wanted to form a monopoly and keep his company from competing in the market.Dueber won the case after several months' deliberation, but in 1896, the Trust was close to forming again.In its previous incarnation as the New York Watch Company, Hampden had an 18 size, 15-jewel Railway pocket watch that was one its highest grades.

It is also worth mentioning that some Hampden pocket watch makers added false jewels to give an otherwise fairly ordinary watch an undeserved "high quality" tag.It was common practise at the time for the watch case to be made by a different company than the movements, as was the case with Dueber's watch case company and Hampden Watch Company.They also made it difficult for jewelers to purchase movements and cases from any company that was not part of the trust.The Sherman Anti-Trust Act played an important role in bringing down the Watch Trust and the government filed suit against many of the companies that were in violation of the anti-trust legislation.Railroad pocket watches were an important staple for most watch companies.

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