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their private investigators and detective service are strictly confidential and client data is always protected. Hi guys, I read every comment on here and realized most people are been scammed even though there is so much information on this.

The said Linda Bans looks and smells like a scammer, what is she, a private investigator or works with the police.

Trying to get wife to me but she said it will cost 3000.00,why can't she get a cheaper price she Said it's the government that gets some of the 3000.00 this I don't understand,we been married for a yr and 7mths what can I do to get her here without breaking the bank,please i need help or talk to someone about this I lived in Accra Ghana for 3 months with a guy I met off the internet. it's a nice place for a third world country but beware that medical is all on a cash and carry basis. I would like to know more about the cost of life in Accra. Yeah, from now on I am sure that a certain "Winnie Robertson" from Accra - Ghana using the mail adress: [email protected] a SCAMMER.

We are a family with 2 adults and 1 children 3 years old. Good morning I would like to have your opinion about what it can be a SCAM!

The reasons vary but in the end they ask for something in such a way that the man desires to assist.

Skype is a necessity so a few added precautions can really help.

In Ghana, we use bowls (locally called Olonka/kruwa), cups, sacks (bags), cans/tins, and rubber buckets or pans in selling food stuffs in almost all markets in Ghana.

The weight of particular food stuff is not the determining factor in the pricing of a commodity in the Ghanaian market but rather the size, demand & supply (availability/scarcity), quality, and the type of material used to measure it.

The true is that I have already asked her for a chat through SKYPE and she showd up with thw same pretty face and in accordance with the initial, my question is: In the middle of an hangout chat if you, out of the blue, would ask her for an imediate chat through SKYPE and she accepted and appeared with the same face like the photos and the same talk, would that be enough to put away in your mind the chance of a SCAM???I have sent thousands already and was about to send more. Ghanaians have problems eating three meals per day is a big lie because I stayed in Accra for two weeks on vacation and I saw different.I was saved by Linda's secret investigator and her team. Their professional background check investigators can determine if the person or company is real and legitimate. What really needs to happen is for other countries to black out the internet in Ghana so scammers like you go away.You guys don't know the problems we have here in Ghana, people struggle to eat, the world system makes it difficult for ordinary Ghanaians to get three square meals a day.I have lived here my whole life and I can attest to that fact.

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Obviously we haven´t speaken yet about money or I have sent any amount. in my country we have a proverb that goes this way, "caution and chicken soup never hurt anyone" anyway, from your expertise, what would you say to me?

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