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A writer of fiction based religious-themed supernatural thrillers.

He has recently completed a non-fiction work entitled 'I Imagine'.

She has discovered her purpose in her life is to be a blessing to others in the marketplace and in Christendom with the release of her book, Positioned For Destiny, Marsha's inaugural book.

Born in Chicago, February 1974, I grew up under the banner of street preaching on corners all over the West Side of Chicago. My tough-nosed mother had always insisted that we be in church, at every opportunity.

She has tremendous passion for inspiring women to believe in their unique beauty, hence her participation in several womens networking groups.

Over the years she has mastered the skills required to inspire her customers and team members to believe every woman is beautiful in her own way.

Wendy was born in the city of Chicago, IL January 30th.This led to a dark path of drug use and its trappings.He found this lifestyle has a price, one he eventually paid.Marsha Blackwell was born and raised in the city of Chicago, IL.Under the influence of Godly parenting, Marsha became a renowned educator, author, & inspirational speaker.

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  1. Following some rumors about the juicy scandal (the Duggars don't have sex before marriage, y'all), King took to Instagram to clear the air.