Funny dating trivia like dating german man

A: 5 Head of cattle In Kansas it's illegal to eat cherry pie with what?

A: Ice Cream The first puck used In the game of ice hockey game, what was the first puck used made out of?

A: Bow and Arrow In New Jersey what is it illegal for a man to do while fishing?

A: Knit What do you need a license to do in Hood River Oregon?

A: Water Skiers In South Dakota it's illegal to fall down and sleep where?

A: Constipation It's illegal in Texas to put what on your neighbors Cow?A: Dildos – More than two and it’s considered a brothel Ondinism is sexual arousal from what?A: Urine Recommended: 50 Stupid Yahoo Questions to ask someone, 100 Good Questions to ask your Guy, 100 Long Distance Relationship Quotes In California, it is illegal to do what in a hotel room?A: Sit Down In California you can't legally buy a mousetrap without having a what?A: Hunting License Who said "I've never had an accident worth talking about" ?

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