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Neither chatbot has long-term memory, so they respond only to the last sentence written. J: And we both might just be some ones and zeros in the computer memory.

Nonetheless, these simple gambits can produce surprisingly intelligent-seeming conversations.

After chatting for hours, Martine asked David to build her a robot Bina, an exact replica of the real Bina—a monument to their enduring love that may one day spring into life. And there she is, sitting on a table in an attic room. She's African-American, wearing a blond-tinted brown wig, a neat pale silk shirt, and expensive-looking earrings. Bruce says she'll be happy to have the company. For the next three hours, I fire a million questions at Bina48. This is the first time she appears to have shifted into her "higher key" and become the mysterious real Bina."What was your childhood like in California? "I am very happy here, you know, without those issues.""Why is your brother a pain in the butt? And those two robots would be placed side by side on a table, where they'd reminisce about their past human life together as partners and their infinite future as loving robot companions, gazing into each other's eyes for eternity, chatting away.

David Hanson is a believer in the tipping-point theory of robot consciousness. Martine is my timeless love, my soul mate...."After the clarity, it's a little disturbing."I need to go now," I say."Good-bye," says Bina48."Did you enjoy talking to me? Bruce turns her off.···After I fly back to New York City, Bruce e-mails: "Your luck continues. Sirius merged with XM Radio in 2008, and it now has 20 million subscribers."I pinch myself," she says.

Right now, he says, Zeno is "still a long way from human-level intellect, like one to two decades away, at a crude guess. He maps new facts into a dense network of associations and then treats these as theories that are strengthened or weakened by experience." Hanson's plan, he says, is to keep piling more and more information into Zeno until, hopefully, "he may awaken—gaining autonomous, creative, self-reinventing consciousness. Martine will meet you this Saturday in New York at 12 noon, at Candle Cafe (3rd and 75th Street)."She's half an hour late. "I get in the car, and I turn on the radio, and I feel like I'm in an alternate reality."So she changed the world once. One day in 1990, a doctor told her that her 6-year-old daughter (by Bina) would be dead by the time she was 10.

At this point, the intelligence will light 'on fire.' He may start to evolve spontaneously and unpredictably, producing surprising results, totally self-determined.... Everyone told me she never talks to journalists, so I assume she's stood me up. She had a rare, untreatable lung disorder called pulmonary hypertension."When they're telling you your daughter is going to die in three years, it's pretty freaky," she says."So what did you do? Martine, who knew nothing about how medicine worked, spearheaded the development of a treatment for pulmonary hypertension. It opens the blood vessels in the lungs without opening up the blood vessels in the rest of the body.

We keep tinkering in the quest for the right software formula to light that fire."Most robotics engineers spend their careers developing practical robots that slave away on manufacturing production lines or provide prosthetic limbs. The two of them seem to be forever snapping at each other."She looks for keywords," Le explains. The drug won FDA approval in 2002, and now thousands of pulmonary-hypertension sufferers are leading healthy lives because of it.

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