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and making ''A NAME'' for themselves.:mad: To me anyways Disciple John saw far more than the other men.To me - Disciple John was/is different - like a NEW BREED OF PEOPLE.did Apostle John ready learn '' i must decrease to allow the Christ in me to increase' Do ye think Disciple John was stirred up ''by the LAMB WHO TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD"' after all it was John's cousin John the B. Would these Royal cousins get together to COMPARE their understandings - after all they were outside the Matrix OF THE COMMON DAY religious beliefs and the leaders...did kin go with kin and converse at the supernatural happenings they were involved in.:) in BN the #1000 - completeness/the Glory of God. -this is ''getting to know the power of His resurrect life''. change in the natural, and the hidden manna shall appear abundantly.:) does John remain? The talk then the walk by never allowing our mind to dictate over the Word of Father.----------------------------------------------------------------------- is it to the Glory of Abba for His 1st fruits to walk in completeness by being the same immortal nature as Himself here and now as Yahushua walked planet earth? you know a believer is trained to walk into resurrection life, as the Image of the Messiah. The Holy Spirit rips out the fleshy ideals and attitudes that bring failures and markmissing. There is no other way nor substitute that will hold water. The change of food in the natural = the change of food in the spiritual leads to the victory and easy provisions.Each morning upon arising KILL OFF YOUR DOUBTS....vanquish them...the vanquished tremble. ''the Lord is My shepherd, I shall not want'' - is lacking NO good thing and most of all not lacking WISDOM that makes the way of Escape.

Overeaters Anonymous (Great Britain) A Registered Charity No.

was Christ formed within Disciple John - was the pupil as the Master?

and often refers to himself as ''we'' or ''another term'' in his writtings. I often notice, that many times '' Many big time church ministries'' have ''the name'' of the author of their creed highly visible...i.e.

rather than being '' THE invaded all the time'' a believer BECOMES, the INVADER.:) EATING the food taken from your enemy in spiritual conquest.

This action is to become ''a wall of Righteousness for His name's sake''.

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