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“ evolution happened on a continental scale,” Gunz says.Support for that picture comes from the tools that Hublin’s team discovered.

“The mantra has been that the speciation of was somewhere around 200,000 years ago,” Petraglia says.

They include hundreds of stone flakes that had been hammered repeatedly to sharpen them and two cores—the lumps of stone from which the blades were flaked off—characteristic of the Middle Stone Age (MSA).

Some researchers thought that archaic humans such as .

He got 14 dates that yielded an average age of 314,000 years, with a margin of error from 280,000 to 350,000 years.

This fits with another new date of 286,000 years (with a range of 254,000 to 318,000 years), from improved radiometric dating of a tooth.

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