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Expats in Portugal discuss the pros and cons of living in Portugal.Topics covered include where to live, the bureaucracy, the people and more.MRIs and CT scans are virtually impossible with the public health care.I accidentally discovered one appointment I had was free because I told them I am Type 2 diabetic. I used the VA in CA and the doctors are good and poor just like in Portugal." Read more in our article about Tips about Health Insurance for Expats in Portugal.

), gardening, cooking, reading, music, great food and cooking, writing..so much more.

That being said, many expats still consider it to be a "hidden gem" compared to other locations. An expat advised that, "Cascais is the most expensive (it includes Mt Estoril and Estoril) yet Oeiras, Parede, Caixas are also on this train line along the sea and more affordable.

With a car you can go further east, inland." Also read our articles about the 5 Best Places to Live in Portugal (Slideshow) and Best Neighborhoods in Lisbon.

What I've found so far is health insurance seems to be much more forgiving in Europe than the US,, particularly if you have documentation of consistent insurance coverage.

Depending on the condition you may be eligible for an exemption.

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One expat who asked about purchasing a one bedroom apartment in the Saldanha section of Lisbon was advised: "Less than 250K euros??

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