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Given their nature of wanting to succeed in everything they do, they will also want to meet people who enjoy the finer things in life and so will want to use a website that has a database full of people who come from similar backgrounds and who have similar tastes and aspirations.Of course you can find websites that have people from all walks of life, but given that in most cases your time will be precious it makes sense to use our website as you will then have a more narrowed search and so will be more likely to find the right person. We are very dedicated to finding you the love of your life.We find it’s a meaningful way to give back, foster team spirit, and inspire each other about causes we hold close to our hearts. We have invaluable knowledge and experience that makes Selective Search® the industry leader. Each month, our team chooses a local and national charity for the Company to support through donations and, most of all, through our time. From our executive board, throughout our entire organization, we work closely together to ensure success for our Clients and Affiliates.They are doing big things and achieving huge accomplishments in life.

Our professional Pittsburgh matchmakers specialize in helping busy professionals meet like-minded people who are also looking for love.

Being a great girlfriend in 2018 (soon to be 2019) isn’t about making your partner a great meal – it’s more about meeting […]Ladies, the Pittsburgh dating scene is full of players and losers.

It’s also full of good guys and bad boys, Romeos and Lotharios, leeches and preachers, warriors and wimps – so how can you know you’re getting a good guy?

You invest so much of who you are and what you feel into your new relationship, and yet you still can’t manage to make it work.

You want so desperately for your new relationship to work out; however, […]Women complain that when a guy takes them out on date they never call them again. What about when after just a few dates he’s already acting like he’s your long-term boyfriend or even husband?

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  1. I'm sitting in my pjs, working on my career/education/fitness, hoping one day I'll meet someone where it all works out. I wish job hunting was as easy, I wasted 30 hours of my life making a presentation and project for an interview just to be ghosted by the company who told me they wanted to see me and this project in person.