Event viewer not updating

Custom SD_ALL_ACCESS; string log Name = "Application"; string domain = "My Machine Or Domain Name"; string account = "User Account"; Event Log Security.

For instance, you can customize the alert in such a way that you must be notified when there has been a sequence of start/stops of the host instances in the past 30 minutes.

The event logs are normally used to inform about an important event in the running applications and subsystems such as errors, warnings or information.

The event log information can be used by administrators for troubleshooting problems.

One of them is a special Power Shell cmdlet and the other one is the built-in Event Viewer tool. To find the Windows Update Log in Windows 10, do the following.

You can open it with Notepad and read it to troubleshoot any issues you may be having with Windows Update such as some updates not installing, getting stuck or throwing cryptic errors. Alternatively, you can use Event Viewer to read the Windows Update log. Tip: You might be interested in reading the following article: How to see update history in Windows 10The Settings app includes a special page, where the installation log is displayed in a friendly view.

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