Error occured validating manifest file

Company Y’s build system creates two identical docker layers from build processes A and B.

Build process A completes uploading the layer before B.

The build server responds by only sending the remaining data to complete the image file.

Company X is having more connectivity problems but this time in their deployment datacenter.

Optionally, we may start marking parts of the specification to correspond with the versions enumerated here.

When process B attempts to upload the layer, the registry indicates that its not necessary because the layer is already known.

If process A and B upload the same layer at the same time, both operations will proceed and the first to complete will be stored in the registry (Note: we may modify this to prevent dogpile with some locking mechanism).

All endpoints should support aggressive http caching, compression and range headers, where appropriate.

The new API attempts to leverage HTTP semantics where possible but may break from standards to implement targeted features.

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This section covers client flows and details of the API endpoints.

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