Dns updating zone serial

SOA serial format configured in Plesk Master DNS server does not match with Slave DNS servers SOA serial format.

Plesk Master DNS server needs to match with serial number format configured in Slave DNS servers.

Visit Stack Exchange I've a BIND9 server with a lot of zones and I need to increase the serial number of the zone files by one.

Also, depending on exactly how you're implementing whatever all you're doing, it may make more sense to use UNIX epoch time as the serial instead of incrementing by one each time.

You could create a script, say that would overwrite the file and use the current unix timestamp in the serial.

dns IN A IN A host01 IN A host02 IN A host03 IN A The $TTL entry is a directive that defines the default time to live for all resource records in the zone.

Each resource record can have a TTL value, which overrides this global directive.

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