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Many relationships that began at my Christian college ended in divorce.

We need to stop believing that this is God’s plan for every person, and we need to speak to the dangers of giving ourselves emotionally and physically at the wrong time.

Singleness, like marriage, can be difficult, but we treat singleness as a disease that can be treated with the medicine of marriage.

This is odd since Jesus states that some people will be single by choice, some choosing to serve God in this way (Matthew ).

In these passages, this admonition often comes while describing her feelings for her beloved.

In one case, she is literally love sick and wandering around looking for him.

Any person who has ever been romantically involved knows the intensity of emotion which accompanies this relationship, both good and bad. It’s important to let Scripture interpret Scripture.

I’d like to humbly propose my own–perhaps romance isn’t as desirable as we would like to believe.

This is especially important for our same-sex attracted brothers and sisters choosing a life of celibacy to honor the Lord.

This is also for those in our congregations who are widowed, divorced, or single and who feel their status is as an anomaly which needs to be corrected.

It was not the first and only message I heard about dating.

Like many of my counterparts, I read books such as .

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However, the church’s overemphasis on marriage neglects an important biblical message–marriage is not for everyone.

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