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procedure Ping(const Address:string; Retries, Buffer Size: Word); var FSWbem Locator : OLEVariant; FWMIService : OLEVariant; FWbem Object Set: OLEVariant; FWbem Object : OLEVariant; o Enum : IEnumvariant; i Value : Long Word; i : Integer; Packets Received : Integer; Minimum : Integer; Maximum : Integer; Average : Integer; begin; Packets Received:=0; Minimum :=0; Maximum :=0; Average :=0; Writeln(''); Writeln(Format('Pinging %s with %d bytes of data:',[Address, Buffer Size])); FSWbem Locator := Create Ole Object('Wbem Scripting. Connect Server('localhost', 'root\CIMV2', '', ''); //FWMIService := FSWbem Locator.

Connect Server('192.1', 'root\CIMV2', 'user', 'password'); for i := 0 to Retries-1 do begin FWbem Object Set:= FWMIService. Time To Live])) else Writeln(Format('Reply from %s: bytes=%s time=0 then begin Writeln('Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:'); Writeln(Format(' Minimum = %dms, Maximum = %dms, Average = %dms',[Minimum, Maximum, Round(Average/Packets Received)])); end; end; begin try Co Initialize(nil); try //Ping('192.1',4,32); Ping('',4,32); finally Co Uninitialize; end; except on E: Exception do Writeln(E.

In this case, the VIN will be decoded partially with the available characters.

In case of partial VINs, a "*" could be used to indicate the unavailable characters. The Decode VIN Flat Format API will decode the VIN and the decoded output will be made available in a flat file format.

If supplied parameter is a string - it will look for manufacturers whose name is LIKE the provided name (it accepts a partial manufacturer name as an input).

Multiple results are returned in case of multiple matches.

Parameter "Manufacturer Type" allows to filter the list based on manufacturer type (Incomplete Vehicles, Completed Vehicle Manufacturer, Incomplete Vehicle Manufacturer, Intermediate Manufacturer, Final-Stage Manufacturer, Alterer, or any part of it), optional.

The NHTSA Product Information Catalog Vehicle Listing (v PIC) Application Programming Interface (API) provides different ways to gather information on Vehicles and their specifications.

The v PIC Dataset is populated using the information submitted by the Motor Vehicle manufacturers through the 565 submittals.

You can get a list of all manufacturer types with this API call: This provides the details for a specific manufacturer that is requested.

If supplied parameter is a number - method will do exact match on Manufacturer's Id.

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