Dating violence vs domestic violence

Acts of child abuse can range in the severity of the offense, in addition to the events undertaken by the respective offender.

Child abuse can be administered in a psychological, physical, emotional, and sexual form; it can mirror any type of abuse directed at an adult - yet, due to the nature of the age(s) of the victim(s), the punishments attached to a child abuse conviction are typically severe.

Family violence, when administered in an emotional or psychological setting, can include insulting, name-calling, threats, and emotional abuse.

In most cases, the signs of this type of Family Violence are far more difficult to initially identify than their physical counterparts.

The message must be clear that treating people in abusive ways will not be accepted, and policies must enforce this message to keep students safe.

Furthermore, abuse and violence within the dating relationship can have a serious detrimental impact on the victims.Contact a Acts of Child Abuse are grouped into the broad classification of family violence.Child abuse is legally defined as the general mishandling – through unlawful wrongdoing, unethical activity, or neglect - with regard to a child or minor.February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, and we’re joining the cause to get the word out about what teenagers, parents, teachers, and community members can do to be aware of and prevent teen dating violence.Teen dating violence is defined as “a pattern of abuse or threat of abuse against teenaged dating partners, occurring in different forms, including verbal, emotional, physical, sexual and digital.” Relationship violence among teenagers is increasingly common, with some researchers reporting that one in ten high school students has been purposefully hit, slapped or physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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