Dating violence and abuse skits

Any time we look at youth and technology, we must work continuously to stay current in our understanding.

For example, the study about young people not thinking EDV was serious enough to report to family or friends was completed almost 10 years ago.

It is young people themselves who can best promote healthy norms around what is acceptable and unacceptable in technology communication with peers.

Paul determines to “put his feet to his faith” after he reads 1 Corinthians 13.

EDV can also involve stalking behaviors, such as using apps to monitor someone’s location or mining personal information that is later used in threatening ways. It can happen when a victim is with friends, family or alone. Like teen dating violence, EDV may include psychological and emotional abuse as well as controlling behaviors. It can have both short- and long-term negative effects on the victim.

This might include depression, anxiety and a greater likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors (e.g. Like all kinds of relationship violence, there are some instances where the aggression is mutual—both partners can participate in negative behaviors.

In a recent pilot study of a high school “Healthy Relationships” intervention, ETR’s research group collected data from students about EDV victimization.

This allows the abuse to remain even more hidden than conventional physical or verbal abuse. One study suggests the majority of victims—almost 7 in 10—don’t perceive EDV as serious enough to report.

” It would be interesting to see what students consider to be “too much” texting and hear their suggested solutions.

Similarly, activities that discuss one partner putting sexual pressure on another can also address pressure to send sexually explicit texts or images.

This is identified as a Yellow Light scenario—one that could become a Red Light if Brian becomes abusive with Jana to keep her from friends or family.

In the discussion, a teacher might ask, “What do you think Jana should do if Brian starts texting her constantly while she’s at a family event?

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We also need research studies that help us understand whether EDV is one element along the continuum of intimate partner violence, or a distinct form of dating abuse with its own unique antecedents and determinants.

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