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The multi-lug, rotating bolt and free-floating barrel allowed bolt-action-like accuracy.The 760 proved especially popular in those states that did not allow semiauto rifles for big-game hunting, as it gave the speed of a lever-action with the advantage of more powerful cartridges.

As was the standard practice at the time, Remington offered various deluxe versions of the rifle: the Model 760B Special Grade, D Peerless Grade, and F Premier Grade.

The inventions of that great firearms genius John Moses Browning only added to America's affection for pump-action firearms.

His .22 repeaters and the famous Model 1897 Winchester shotgun paved the way for a flood of similar firearms that appeared on the American market in the following decade. introduced a pump-action shotgun designed by John Pedersen, but Remington desired a pump-action rifle in its line to compete for a share of the lucrative market dominated by the Winchester and Marlin lever-action rifles.

In an earlier column, I made the argument that the pump-action rifle is a uniquely American development that never quite caught on among hunters and sporting shooters outside of the western hemisphere.

While the first pump-action--slide-action or trombone-action, as some refer to it--firearms were developed in Europe between 18, they were not successful and had extremely limited production.

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