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She has published extensively on the subject of American cut and engraved glass, with major publications on the subjects of Corning’s early glass heritage, glass of the White House, and the history and achievements of the Hawkes firm of Corning. Peterson has been Curator of Collections at the Rockwell Museum since 1988 and has co-organized half a dozen exhibitions on the subject of Carder Steuben glass.She is editor of the Rockwell Museum’s publication on Carder Steuben glass, Collectors’ Choice Review.He is Associate Curator at the Museum, with specialties in the glass, antique firearm, and antique toy collections.

A section valuable to all collectors is one in which many aspects of identification and evaluation are covered–signatures, relative rarity, and dating.” You’ll see massive glass sculptures (so big they created a 100,000 square foot addition to showcase some of them) that will leave you wondering, how did they do that.Artifacts from the past 35 Centuries that reveal human ingenuity at its finest with everything from small decorative pieces, perfume bottles, depictions of ancient Pharaohs to intricate, delicate stemware, elaborate cut glass, remarkable stained glass, and more unusual pieces than you can imagine.Most of our items allow the addition of personalization on the product page.If there are other items that you would like more information on, or to place your order by phone, call us at 1-800-STEUBEN (1-800-783-8236).

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We’ve spent decades exploring and expanding the possible uses of glass and developing new ways to make it better, stronger, and even more beautiful.

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