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Delicious German food and beer (Hofbräu), a free pool table, flat screen TV’s with live sport and nice people make it very worthwhile to visit.A couple of more foreign bars and restaurants like an Italian Pizzeria and Koran BBQ can be found on the western side of the beautiful pond. There are no Farang-oriented beer bars and go go bars in Roi Et but instead there are a few coyote clubs that kind of make up for it.The most popular such outdoor bar in Roi Et is Suki Lao (สุกี้ลาว) in front of the Rong Beer Pavilion.

It’s basically a huge hall with a massive stage where skilled local boys and girls perform Isaan folk and Caraboaw songs while the audience is eating, drinking, dancing, singing and flirting.And this expression is nowhere as appropriate as it is in the provinces where people go out late at night, so it’s no different in Roi Et when you drive through mostly dead empty streets after 8pm and the contrast are the nightlife spots where the locals party to loud music, dance and drink until they can’t stand anymore.One last thing I feel it’s important to mention before I get into the descriptions, for you to get some orientation: As you can see on the maps after each category like night clubs, outdoor bars, coyote bars and massage parlors in Roiet – the majority, like 80% of all these places are located on the northern end of town.Be informed that they’re usually asking for a minimum of 3 drinks (usually shots). The atmosphere is kind of more relaxed, the room is darker and the coyote girls are going up on stage only once in a while when the live band needs a break.Drinks are 120 Baht for all ladies and some of the most attractive ones may ask for 5 (! Don’t come too early if you want to see action, even at 11am there’s only a bunch of guys around but the good thing is you have a better selection of girls before midnight.

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Thai style setting with lots of round tables all around, virtually no dance floor in front of the stage – people dance in their groups at the table while sharing a bottle of whiskey.

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