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There are also some very artistic, as well as plain, old pieces of Pewter Ware on the Continent, which receive more than ordinary attention at the hands of collectors. Our purpose has been to say in the following pages only just what was necessary to make the book useful and interesting. Because there have been so many measures stolen to make into counterfeit money, publicans will not buy them. We have been informed by makers of pewter measures that that part of their trade is now done away with. The communion flagon at the right-hand corner is English, dated 1639, from Fosdyke Church, Lincolnshire. Then a tankard, with lid, 5j inches high ; cost 32s. Close to the tankard is a bleeding cup of the 17th century, lent by Colonel G. All collectors of Old Pewter and other curios ought to read The Connoisseur, price Is. The Bazaar is also a very good medium for collectors to consult. Coopland, of Sheffield, who is a dealer, has the finest stock of Old Sheffield Plate, we have met with in the provinces. The large beaker in the centre is a fine, good vessel made of Britannia metal, sometimes called pewter. In fact, we have purchased our stock from here, there, and everywhere whenever an opportunity has occurred. that the stolen articles were mostly made into base money. — This collection consists of old pewter vessels from various countries. The next is a communion flagon and cup, dated 16, from Midhurst Church, Sussex. On the body there is a kind of apron, on which is inscribed the names of various officers, with dates.

It is a pewter cup made of base money taken by the London and ~i No. This is a paper that includes a great number of questions relating to antiquities. Note.— A very elaborate and interesting Illustrated Catalogue of the Antiquities in the Guildhall Museum, has just been issued by the Library Committee. And further, there are very few men who would care to have the trouble and expense of collecting the information required to make a work of this kind of any value. : British, South Kensington, Guildhall, York, and Sheffield Museums. When we first commenced with this matter we were for months unable to find a printed article of any kind relating to Old Pewter, except a few lines in one or two encyclopedias. It has been our endeavour to give as much information as possible in a small handbook of this kind. Brown & Englefield, Pewterers, 1, Little James Street, Gray's Inn Road, W. Miss Englefield, for the work of classifying many of the pewterers' names and marks. Mappin & Webb, Oxford Street, W., for the loan of a tankard made of base money. Walker, Ex-Mayoress of Richmond, Yorkshire (now of London). While much has been written concerning Gold and Silver Plate, China, &c, Pewter has been almost altogether neglected. There are no hall marks and date letters on Pewter, such as we find on Silver Plate. The Authorities of the following institutions, viz.

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Had we been as diligent in our search years ago as we have been recently, we might have acquired many interesting and valuable examples of a variety of Old Plate at considerably less cost and less trouble than is possible to-day, when collectors are increasing in number and voracity, and when everything that is worth having has become very rare and expensive.

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