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I mean, as young Christians meet one another in church units, youth programmes, camps or even in non-Christian gatherings, they begin to share some connection.Just a little connectedness, and the desire for that special somebody who would stay closer, inspire, push and keep them straight starts to burn. The idea to date should come from a mature mind ready to grab and grapple with everything that comes with dating.I am most grateful to her for sharing with us and I pray that God will use her more and more through writing and speaking that edifies His children.

Thereafter, make God the centre of your relationship. A three-fold cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes ). Steer clear of the current craze for Assurance started by Nigerian singer, Davido. You have no business locking yourselves up in a closet, much less staying over for the night.That does not measure up to God’s standard of relating with someone.Besides, foul and suggestive words in the name of being trendy have been used by young Christians to speak defilement into the lives of their partners without knowing it.(You can read her bio at the end of the post.)Miracle has drawn from the Scriptures and her personal experience before she got married in crafting a rich resource for today’s Christian youth on this controversial, yet unavoidable, topic.This post will also come in handy for parents, teachers and guardians as they seek to direct the youths.

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