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The Center for American Progress reports on another very troubling aspect of current legislation: the vast majority of states don’t have any protocol in place for reporting domestic violence charges to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) so that they show up on background checks as prohibiting offenses.

To illustrate a legal loophole, consider a local development law that requires even an unoccupied building to pay real estate taxes so long as it receives a certificate of completion.Earlier this month, President Obama once again called on Congress to take a small step toward sensible gun legislation by narrowing – not even closing – the well-known “gun show loophole.” Currently, unlicensed dealers online and at gun shows sell firearms without performing background checks.Obama’s proposed legislation would require some of these dealers to start performing checks.Nine states prohibit those convicted of misdemeanor stalking charges from purchasing guns (two more states prohibit gun purchase in some misdemeanor stalking cases).And, according to a , only a small number of states have legislation stating that firearms possession is or can be prohibited in cases of temporary protective orders.

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Only 10 states have expanded firearm restrictions to dating partners convicted of abuse.

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