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“South Carolina inmates, aided by outside civilian associates, identified and targeted military service members through social media forums and online dating websites,” said the National Criminal Investigative Service: “The prisoners, using fictitious online personas, preyed on service members to engage in online romantic relationships and then extort the service members for money.” See also: Looking for love? (The company did not respond immediately to a request for comment.) First they posed as women, struck up online conversations, and exchanged intimate pictures with their targets.

service men were scammed out of more than half a million dollars by “sextortion” racket allegedly run by inmates from inside jails in South Carolina. Prosecutors have indicted 15 people, served five arrest warrants, and say they are investigating another 250 people — many of them outside jail — for involvement in the scam. The scam artists allegedly hunted service men through online dating sites such as

“It’s your choice if you want to help them out financially,” she says.

Almost everyone will ask about your partner’s crime. “It’s important to know that you’re not alone,” says Jones, who volunteers with the support group Strong Prison Wives & Families.

And even so, one finds themselves alone.“You can’t really have those times where you want to snuggle up and hug somebody who’s not there for you,” he said.

Instead, say prosecutors, they were communicating with five prison inmates.She’ll never wake up next to him, but she can ask him to describe the minutiae of his morning routine.“You have to work on your communication,” she says, “because it’s pretty much all you have.”Your financial contributions will most likely be unequal.And then if you’re still lucky to have a chance to do visitations, you still have just under an hour….to have a conference via teleconference.”Santiago added that if a couple is lucky enough to have physical visits, they’re strictly monitored by security in a controlled environment.

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Many prisoners work, but wages can be less than 20 cents an hour.

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