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In addition, there were two skeletons found in the graves and about 24 vases with colored embossings and depictions.

This tomb is a rare find and archaeologists hope to find new evidence of the Late Minoan period in the area.2.

The discover confirmed to experts that the island of Delos was an important trading base and an important maritime trade route that played a crucial role in linking the east and west Mediterranean in ancient times.

Archaeologists carried out an in-depth investigation of the ancient breakwater that protected the island’s central port in antiquity from the strong northwestern winds, which is now underwater because the sea level has risen by two meters since that time.

The Underwater Ruins of Ancient Naval Bases at Piraeus Harbor – 2010In 2010, a local fisherman guided a group of archaeologists to his favorite fishing spot that he frequented as a child.

Experts say that the pyramid’s plumbing could have been used to provide fresh water or removed sewage.5.

Exploration of the partially sunken port have uncovered sunken ship-sheds from underwater excavations undertaken by Zea Harbor Project.6.

Knossos, the Capital of Minoan Civilization Offers More Treasures – 2016The newest discoveries on Crete at the site of the ancient city of Knossos suggest that the capital of the Minoan Civilization was much more influential and larger than previously thought.

Here’s a look at the 10 most important archaeological finds in Greece of the last ten years.1.

Ancient Minoan Tomb, Crete – 2018 A farmer discovered a rare tombstone from late Minoan III period on Crete in August, 2018.

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Unlike other porticoes discovered from antiquity, this one was made up of different rooms, suggesting that each shop owner constructed his own place of business.

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