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It’d be great if new technology made it easier to protect ourselves from cons, but unfortunately, the opposite is true.

As Konnikova points out, consumer fraud in the United States is climbing, increasing by 60 percent since 2008. It’s commonly believed that only foolish people get conned — an idea that Konnikova thoroughly debunks — so it’s understandable that people are often unwilling to admit that they’ve fallen victim to a con artist.

Based on the results of a study on corporate fraud, Konnikova argues that a person also needs to have opportunity and a plausible rationale.

Trust is important to humans because working together has allowed us to evolve more successfully.

They may have been afforded an excellent education, or very little. Nor are they set apart by their country of origin, sexual preferences, political bent, religious beliefs, or ingrained social values.

Actually, pertaining to those last three, the con artist is a free spirit.

While psychologists have identified certain traits that seem to predispose people to becoming con artists (i.e.

Gifted with an exceptional memory, the swindler can access each current script with the speed of a computer; and if they cannot quite remember a fact (or lie), they can dance around the lapse so convincingly that you will seldom, if ever, notice.

She interweaves psychological studies with stories of bizarre cons people actually managed to pull off to delve into how these schemers operate.

The book isn’t meant to scare; rather, it gives readers a chance to better understand the complicated factors that influence a con’s success and how we might attempt to guard ourselves against them.

He is placed on a financial pedestal right up there with the most sophisticated and secretive of financiers. Information provided about lotteries and lottery scam: Fraud Aid, Inc.

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  1. I actually read it last year while in a long term relationship with a vanilla girl, and after reading it several times, getting therapy together etc, I finally brought myself around to realizing that I need a truly kinky partner in my life.