Dating best friend good or bad

Her nipples getting hard against the air can be a total turn-on for both of you! The “push and swirl.” Some men have taken it upon themselves to press breasts down and swirl them in circles. Some common female erogenous zones include: Her neck. Gently licking, breathing on, and kissing the neck during foreplay or intercourse will throw your girlfriend into absolute ecstasy.[Read: Neck kisses – How to kiss her in a way that’ll leave her wet] Her ears.Women respond strongly to consistent rhythms, so don’t go crazy with your movements.Then, once she’s started moaning and writhing against your mouth, move your lips away and let the cold air hit her wet nipple. [Read: 8 types of nipples women have, and you probably haven’t seen them all] #5 Taking advantage of female erogenous zones Female erogenous zones are nothing to scoff at, and one of your biggest bad-boy sex tricks will be knowing exactly how to pleasure these sensitive areas of her body.This keeps your tongue moving, feels amazing for her, and gives you something to do.[Read: 8 tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro] #3 The magic of the clit Yes, she knows you are an absolute master with your cock, but she’s probably much more into clit-play than dick-play, to be honest. Learning how to properly touch a woman will add some much needed, much sought-after sex tricks into your repertoire that’ll definitely have her coming back for more.

The trick is to find a fine line between disgusting dirty talk *calling her a bitch, a dirty slut, or a little whore*, and sexy dirty talk *I love making you wet, you feel so tight, you’re a dirty girl*.

After all, what possible moves could you have besides “penis goes in vagina,” or “mouth goes on clit? #1 The build-up They say that one of a woman’s top erogenous zones is her mind.

If you want to give your lover something electrifying to talk about on her next girls’ night, we highly suggest you check out these bad-boy sex tricks to add to your arsenal.

As for oral sex, definitely use the “alphabet” sex trick.

This means you’ll be drawing the alphabet *or even just a couple of letters* in consistent rotation on your girl’s clit.

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Sending her sexy teases throughout the day is a foolproof way to have her begging for it later.

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