Dating a guy with kids and an ex wife

My family didn't like it & still don't as they think he still shares the same bed with the mother of the children OR that their still a couple, mind you when your in love no1 Else's opinion matters.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions NOT their own facts. Now days when he threatens to leave his family the mother of his children threatens to take the children away from him, says that he will never have access to those kids more like she uses the kids as collateral, she does things in which would cause an argument between her & my partner.

The things she [the mother of the kids] does is take the car off him so that he doesn't go anywhere, then she goes to the Doctors & claims he's given her an Infection & was supposedly given to her by the guy I'm seeing at that time I thought hmmmmm something wasn't right, he had to go in to get himself checked & came out clear then he came around rapist hour claiming it was all made up & that the doctor lied about it b/c he was told to by the mother of his kids unbelievable huh.

My partner & I argued over that, it led me to believe he was still sleeping with her..

He claims there's no love between he & the mother of his kids & that he's only living there b/c of the children.

7 months on things weren't looking pretty good for he & I - we argued many times & make up with the great sex & what not.

He treats you like a queen, he’s fun to be around, and the sex is fantastic. You’re not sure you can trust what you hear, much less your own feelings.

* Listen to your gut, use common sense, be sure to stay safe.

* Consider what you’ve heard, what you know, and how comfortable you feel with the situation – for yourself and your kids.

You have two choices: believe your new guy and suck it up, or exit the relationship. Maybe she Googles you, stalks your moves around the Internet, trashes your reputation anywhere she can. * Might our children be at risk, or at the very least, confused or embarrassed? * Are we sure he’s told us everything we need to know?

When you’re dating someone who comes with a crazy ex, or more kindly and perhaps more accurately phrased, an ex-spouse who is acting out and interfering, what do you do? Many of us have been there, but we don’t act out in manipulative and bizarre ways. * Does the “crazy ex” seem less crazy as we get to know the person we’re dating? There are no easy answers in these scenarios and as many variations as there are people, couples, and divorcing dramas.

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