Dating a filipina girl tips

I have read how some other guys do things on different blogs and message boards and just shake my head.The most important thing to remember when starting out on a Filipina dating site is that it’s all a numbers game.The more messages you send out the more replies you will get.The more replies you get the more chance to get some sort of a connection.I may play their games for awhile, but I am not looking to develop some online relationship for months.Just send her a simple opening message that compliments her and ask if she wants to chat.

Not all dating sites will allow you to do this (Date In Asia even banned me lol) but you can work around it by putting something like ‘hey how are you? What some guys fail to realize is that many of the girls on these sites are not all that serious with meeting anyone.

Some girls make a game of leading foreigners on and then telling them about their ‘big problem’ in hopes that some sucker will send them ‘help.’ Some Pinays can be very good at this so you need to really make sure that you know any girl before you ever send money to them.

Sometimes they really do have a “big problem” but more often then not they are just trying to get an easy pay day.

If a girl is asking for money you may want to report her.

Even on the sites that have lots of pictures you can get fooled into meeting a girl who is not as attractive as you thought.

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This will help you find many like minded girls that you can meet up with.

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