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Every so often, an order comes from above to devote massive amounts of time to make everything "IS09000 compliant"; no one knows what IS09000 is. Are we all as doomed as Dilbert, destined to pass out from exhaustion from working in air-conditioned sweatshops?Instead of getting products out the door, people are asked to memorize mission statements. Stephen Roach, chief economist at Morgan Stanley, seems to admit as much when he says downsizing, wage stagnation and a shortsighted corporate efficiency mania have drastically changed the work environment to the detriment of the worker.The only one with a modicum of wisdom is the garbage collector, who has cleverly opted out of the system.

That's why your score on our little quiz really doesn't matter.

A NEWSWEEK Poll conducted this summer indicated an impressive majority--87 percent--considered their workplace a "pleasant environment."So why is everyone reading "Dilbert" and saying, "Hey, that's my job"?

Scott Adams has a theory: "if you're in an absurd situation and you're not changing it, then you define it as being OK," he says.

When the pollsters zeroed in on the details, it turned out that the workers indeed are living in "Dilbert's" world. When asked whether unnecessary rules and red tape prevent them from doing their best job, half agree.

The biggest complaint seems to be poor communication between management and workers - 64 percent claimed that this impeded their work.

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