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The irony is, however, that by Mother’s Day the fish have seen so many bugs that fooling them with an Elk Hair Caddis is next to impossible.

The Caddis species is Brachycentrus, preceded and combined with Rachycophila.

Access is great; the weather is generally very good (they don’t call this the "Banana Belt" for nothing and the wild Browns are willing participants in your day off.

City Clerk Grant, called the new hoard to order, and Alderman John C. The roll call showed all the members present, except Aledrman ♦Weeks, the new and re-elcted members of the board being, Aldermen-at-large .’William E.

This system should be fished on the swing (across and down), so that the pupa rises in the current like the natural.

When fish move to the adult, I use a Black Foam Caddis, size 14, trailing Larry’s unweighted pupa or a La Fontaine Sparkle Pupa.

Working shoreline from a boat produces big numbers and big fish.Having bugs on the water is good, but during this hatch there can just be too many.Just picking out your fly on the water can be impossible, let alone picking them out of your ears and nose.In my opinion, "The Mother" of all Mother’s Day Caddis hatches occurs on the Arkansas.It begins in the Canon City area around April 15, and gradually moves upstream and past Salida until runoff blows it away around 30 days later.

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