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et al (2002) Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences, 97, 177-184.; Matsubara, S., Miyawaki, R., Kurosawa, M., & Suzuki, Y. Potassicleakeite, a New Amphibole from the Tanohata Mine, Iwate Prefecture, Japan. (2012) Magmatic contributions to the mineralization of the Laloki and Federal Flag strata-bound massive sulfide deposits, Papua New Guinea: Sulfur isotope evidence. C.(2009) "Mineralogía del Depósito de Uranio Eureka (Castell-estaó, Pirineo, Cataluña) " Soc.

Characterizationof San Martín pluton and associated tungsten deposits, Valcheta Department, Río Negro Province.

Firstova, A., Stepanova, T., Cherkashov, G., Goncharov, A., & Babaeva, S. Composition and formation of gabbro-peridotite hosted seafloor massive sulfide deposits from the Ashadze-1 hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Literally "blue remaining covellite" (maintains blue colour under oil, unlike covellite which shows a red-violet colour).

Journal of GEOsciences, 56(3), 299-316.[Spionkopite] GOZALVEZ, Martín Ricardo.

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