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However, the lens got stalled in the FDA approval process for three years, and eventually AMO discontinued it.

THE STALLED Sapphire Autofocal (Elenza, Inc.) is billed as the first “electro-active” accommodating IOL.

Multifocal IOLs incorporate discrete optical elements into the lens to offer both near and distance vision.

This design strategy trades off some of the benefits of seeing through a single zone in order to have a greater range of focus. While many multifocal patients can read without glasses, their distance vision may not be as sharp as it might be with a monofocal IOL.

After two years of development in 2010, Elenza approached Alcon for financing.

Nu Lens works like a piston: eye muscles push against a silicone gel lens, which changes shape to provide focus at different distances. The (Akkolens) is a dual-optic, mechanical accommodating lens designed for placement in the sulcus, as sulcus placement may be less affected by fibrosis than placement in the capsular bag.

Accommodation occurs by means of a liquid crystal optic that changes power in response to an electronic signal.

The lens contains a rechargeable battery and changes focus based on physiological triggers.

In 2010, Bausch Lomb introduced the Crystalens Aspheric, which has an optical design that gives it improved contrast sensitivity and reduces higher order aberrations.

In May 2013, the FDA approved a toric version of the lens, called Trulign.

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