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They’re going to use your photos of your brunch to hack the Florida voter rolls? The Democratic National Committee’s chief security officer issued a warning today to presidential candidates not to use the app, telling them “If you or any of your staff have already used the app, we recommend that they delete the app immediately.” (What would be the point of deleting it if you’d already used it!This question was not addressed.) This isn’t to say that you worry about photo apps.When it introduced its gender-swap filter in May, daily downloads shot up from 600,000 to between 1 and 2 million.Snapchat collects geographic information too, and accesses private messages and photos as well as contacts.Just that you’d do well to worry about them all pretty much equally.

There is really no reason to believe that the Russian government is doing something scary with pictures of your face.

(Typically, if you are going to trust any apps, the best bets are ones that do everything directly on your device.) The more interesting feature at launch was the ability to add (very creepy) smiles to people’s faces.

The more controversial feature at launch was the “hot” filter, which mostly just made people paler.

Shutterfly, like Meitu, pulls GPS coordinates from its users or, when that’s blocked, tries to harvest geographic information from the metadata of their photos.

The photo storage app Ever, which promised “free, unlimited private backup of all your life’s memories,” turned out to be using the photos to train facial recognition software, as reported by NBC News this May.

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(CEO Yaroslav Goncharov later said this was “an unfortunate side-effect of the underlying neural network caused by the training set bias.” I.e., the app had mostly been fed pictures of white people.) After this controversy, the company went ahead and introduced a set of racial filters including Asian, Black, Caucasian, and Indian.

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