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The whole of the new age is built upon the foundation of this belief system. It is about being caged in the body for eternity–think about being trapped in form forever. Enlil doubles as Yaweh, the foreman of the planet who cracks down on humans when they get slack. One extols the virtues of rebellion in order to be free. No wonder we’ve been so fucked up for 5,000 years on.

We’ve been torn asunder by two poles of extreme ideologies, by mostly-well-meaning if deeply flawed aliens on an extended mining mission. Here’s what I find really fascinating in the light of all this. The daughter of the Luciferian (light) madgewitch (Thanks Ellis) teams up with the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne (the prince of darkness), one of rock’s most notorious devils, founder of Black Sabbath. Lourdes just shaved the right side of her head, which in Islam is called the “Taqsir.” This is done as part of the last stage of pilgrimage.

Can husband and wife live together without consummating a marriage for as long as they want ?

“The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception” the day that Pope Pius the IX declared Mary to be sin free from her time in the womb onward is marked by 12/8 as well. Children/people often have to adapt to this kind of stress by compartmentalizing their personalities. Here again, we see the split between the Moon (Mother) and the Sun (Son).

Therefore, I prefer the anonymity of an internet forum.

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